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Regenerative Inquiry Workshops 

Collaborating with schools & students to explore their potential as catalysts for regenerative change


Regenerative Learning & Livelihoods will be an experiment in collective inquiry, collaborative learning, and co-creative initiative. 

Drawing on key concepts & perspectives from regenerative culture — and from the field of Ecological Design Thinking — the workshops invite participants into a space and process of:

  • Collective inquiry, incorporating guided contemplative practice, and facilitated philosophical dialogue amongst the group.

  • Collaborative Learning,...

  • Co-creative Initiative ...


These sessions are aimed at A-level students with an interest in aligning their learning and their future work with social & environmental regeneration.


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facilitated by

Will Brown

Having recently finished a Masters in 'Ecological Design Thinking', Will now works as a Regenerative Educator, Practitioner, and Consultant. 

Running 'Regenerative Inquiry Workshops' with schools and students is part of my effort to do this.

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inviting inquiry into...

REgister your interest

Fill out the form, and I'll get back to you soon (when I'm ready to open registration), with more details about:

The programme & Schedule

What we'll be covering in the course each week, as well as an outline of the co-creative tools and practices we'll be experimenting with together. The aim is to support each other in envisioning & designing our regenerative livelihoods, and to begin to make tangible progress in realising them. 


Guest facilitators

I hope to connect us with a number of guest speakers & facilitators — people with particular expertise and experience in different aspects of regenerative work & culture — to help us along on our journey.


Collaborative Opportunities

In designing and launching this course, I'm looking to practice what I preach; I'm working to develop and curate collaborative opportunities with people, projects & organisations — so do sign up if you'd be keen to hear more!

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