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Cultivating Creative Partnerships

A workshop for artists, makers, and creatives, exploring how to generate opportunity through collaborative initiative

About the course

How can we align our work with personal, social, and environmental regeneration, while at the same time meeting our basic financial and material needs? And how can creative collaboration help us to turn our ideas into actions, progress, and results? 

Crafting Regenerative Livelihoods will take the form of a series of collaborative workshops, aiming to equip participants with the inspiration, the tools, and the support to design & realise a regenerative livelihood for themselves. It will seek to do this through:

  • Bringing together cohorts of ambitious and talented individuals, supporting each other through creative collaboration.

  • Collectively sourcing and sharing in-depth information, resources, and insight into regenerative work, what forms it might take, and the opportunities & challenges it presents.

  • Facilitating a collective learning & development journey, using design tools and collaborative processes to turn project ideas into realities.

Who is it for?

This course is for people who have already encountered permaculture (perhaps through a PDC, or an introduction to permaculture course), and who are looking to deepen their 

In particular, it's for people who are looking for ways of 

It's for people have been holding an intuition or indeed a vision of how things could be better, and who are ready to get on with actually trying and testing stuff out, and making stuff happen (for themselves, and for others)!

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Course Facilitators


Will Brown

Will is an educator and practitioner working in service of personal, social, and environmental regeneration. 


Professionally, he has training as a teacher of permaculture, as a personal coach, and as a facilitator of philosophical dialogue. 


Academically, he holds a Masters in Ecological Design Thinking from Schumacher College, having read English Literature at the University of Oxford as an undergraduate.

You can find more details of his background and experience in his résumé.


Anna Bach Johansen

Anna is 

Together we will be exploring

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Pilot course launching April 2022!

-  Bi-weekly half-day zoom workshops supporting a collaborative action-inquiry process.
-  Sessions from a range of specialist guest facilitators.
-  Payment / contribution will be invited on a sliding-scale.
-  12 places will be available.
-  Registration will open (with full details) in the next weeks.

REgister your interest

Fill out the form, and I'll get back to you soon (when I'm ready to open registration), with more details about:

The programme & Schedule

What we'll be covering in the course each week, as well as an outline of the co-creative tools and practices we'll be experimenting with together. The aim is to support each other in envisioning & designing our regenerative livelihoods, and to begin to make tangible progress in realising them. 


Guest facilitators

I hope to connect us with a number of guest speakers & facilitators — people with particular expertise and experience in different aspects of regenerative work & culture — to help us along on our journey.


Collaborative Opportunities

In designing and launching this course, I'm looking to practice what I preach; I'm working to develop and curate collaborative opportunities with people, projects & organisations — so do sign up if you'd be keen to hear more about these, as and when they emerge!

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