Contemplative Permaculture




5 days


About the Course

Over two weekends, this online course will explore the intersection of Permaculture with contemplative perspectives and practices.

Whether we're involved in designing a piece of land, or a new livelihood for ourselves, skilful observation — contemplation — is essential for living and acting in harmony with ourselves, with others, and with the ecological communities and environments to which we belong.

Through a combination of informative lectures, group dialogues, and guided exercises / practices, 'Contemplative Permaculture' will offer participants new perspectives into how our capacity for regenerative design can be deepened and enhanced by contemplative practice.

Your Instructor

Will Brown

Will is an educator and practitioner working in service of personal, social, and environmental regeneration.

Professionally, he has training as a teacher of permaculture, as a coach, and as a facilitator of philosophical inquiry.

Academically, he holds a Masters in Ecological Design Thinking from Schumacher College, having read English Literature at the University of Oxford as an undergraduate, where he was also president of a student Philosophy society.​

Will Brown