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What I Offer

With a degree in English Language & Literature from the University of Oxford, 

Align your studies, and your future work, with social & environmental regeneration, and to connect with people and opportunities in this field.

Level-up your study skills, hone your command of the written word, and achieve your academic ambitions.

Inquire into the questions which are most meaningful and important to you, and engage proactively with the challenges they present.

 Develop a holistic philosophy for personal growth and fulfilment.

Take a look at the packages I offer, below, or do get in touch with any general inquiries you might have!


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Crafting a Regenerative livelihood

Coaching to help you align your skills and your livelihood with personal, social, and environmental regeneration.

4 x 1hr sessions

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Transform your learning capabilities, and enrich your personal growth.

90min sessions

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Develop your Personal Brand

Expert support with essay technique, personal statements, CVs, applications, and other documents.

Full package

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The value I Bring

With a degree in English Language & Literature from the Unviersity of Oxford,

My training in the design and facilitation of learning experiences across different contexts — along with my 8 years experience working with GCSE, A-Level, and Undergraduate students — means that I am well-practiced in supporting young people in both their personal and academic growth.

Additionally, in my collaboration with a range of regenerative communities, organisations, and projects across the UK and Europe — as well as through my Masters degree in this field  I've cultivated a growing network of academics, artists, and practitioners, whom I am fortunate enough to continue to able to draw on, and create opportunities with, in my work.


 'Will demonstrated presence throughout our time together and tuned in to the areas that meant most to me. We mostly focused around me improving my work-life balance, and Will certainly helped me in this regard.' 

Dr. Henry R. (Director of Operations for an agricultural innovations company)