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Academic Writing

It is my passion, and my profession, to help people to connect with their calling, and to enable them to share their gifts with others in a way that enriches themselves, society, and the environment.


I work in partnership with people (mainly students and professionals) to do this, entering into uncertainties and possibilities — and cultivating transformative, tangible change together

If you'd like to explore what it might look and feel like for us to work together, do book in for a (free) initial chat with me!

Project Work

Examples of the sorts of projects I'm involved with developing and working on, in collaboration with various groups, communities, and organisations.


Developing creative Partnerships & communities of Practice

I work with a wide diversity of individuals, groups, and organisations to foster creative collaboration.


Curation, Programming & Production

For those with a hunger to 

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Personal Growth & Development

For anyone wanting to work 

Relational Practice

My applied philosophy of for developing regenerative projects

As a coach, my aim is to help you gain new perspective, to encourage & support you in taking action, and to enable you to realise positive, tangible change for yourself.

My skill and my practice is in shaping & holding transformative conversational and experiential spaces — creative containers for contemplation, revelation, and insight. I bring a friendly and open-minded curiosity to everybody I work with, and a 'serious playfulness' in my general attitude and approach. 

With degrees in Language & Literature and Ecological Design Thinking, training in various coaching methodologies and in the facilitation of philosophical dialogue, and experience working with ecovillages, permaculture centres, and other regenerative cultural & educational projects across Europe — I draw on a wide range of perspectives, disciplines, practices, and people in my work.


You can read more about my educational / professional background and qualifications in my résumé. I also write a weekly blog — Regenerative Learning & Livelihoods — where you can get a sense for my perspective and way of thinking.

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Let's talk!

I am always willing to have a (free) explorative chat with anyone, in order to explore how it might be to work together, with no expectation or obligation beyond the conversation.


These chats are really just a chance for us to meet & get to know one another, and to begin to consider what you might like to bring to a course of coaching sessions.


If it feels like a good fit, great! If not, or if it turns out you're not in quite the right place for coaching following the conversation, no worries at all - I'm always happy to have met new people! :)

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