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Contemplative permaculture

An online course, exploring how we can enhance our capacity for regenerative design

About the course

As a movement and as an applied philosophy, Permaculture seeks to bring human designs and systems into alignment with the health of the biosphere, creating the conditions for all life to thrive, as a whole. 

At the core of this, is the notion of regenerative culture & design. Rather than merely 'reducing' our ecological impact or settling for ‘sustainability’, a regenerative approach strives to actively nourish health and resilience in people, communities, and ecosystems.

Whether we're involved in designing a piece of land, a community project, or a new livelihood for ourselves, contemplation — and the space for observation, connection, and deepening which it brings — is essential for living and acting regeneratively. Contemplation is all about letting go of our preconceptions, and — in practicing our capacity for awareness, attention, sensitivity, joy, and wonder — entering into a more intimate relationship with the nature of things. 

Through a blend of informative materials, group dialogues, and guided activities & exercises, Contemplative Permaculture will invite participants into a transformative learning experience, collectively deepening our capacity for regenerative design.

Who is it for?

This course is for people who are looking to apply regenerative design in their own lives and contexts, and who are interested in how contemplative perspectives and practices might help them to do so.

You don't need to be familiar with Permaculture to join this course, as it will introduce some of the key principles in an accessible way. At the same time, it will offer a new dimension and quality to the understanding of those who already have some experience with Permaculture, to deepen and broaden their practice.

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Course Facilitators


Will Brown

Will is an educator and practitioner working in service of personal, social, and environmental regeneration.

Currently based in the South West of England, you'll typically find him in the garden, near (or in) the river / the sea, or with his head in a book.


Professionally, he has training as a teacher of permaculture, as a coach, and as a facilitator of philosophical inquiry. Academically, he holds a Masters in Ecological Design Thinking from Schumacher College, having read English Literature at the University of Oxford as an undergraduate.

You can find more details about his work, qualifications, and experience here.


Anna Bach Johansen

Anna is an educator, activist and permaculturist dedicated to catalysing transition toward regenerative cultures.


Through her own practices, she is exploring how to experience herself fully as nature and live in respectful and harmonious relation with all life around us.


In addition to an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from Copenhagen University, and a Masters in Ecological Design Thinking from Schumacher College, Anna also holds the Permaculture Design Certificate, Permaculture Teacher Training, and the Ecovillage Design Education.

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Together we will be exploring

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Pilot course
Postponed until July 2022

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