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What I offer, and why

Is there room in our life and work for delight, creativity, and transformation? If the answer is no, then we are not doing healthy work. We are, in Eckhart's words, "being worked instead of working."

—  Matthew Fox, The Reinvention of Work

The conventional systems and cultures which have shaped our relationships — with work, with each other, and with the living earth — are fundamentally broken. Many of us have felt this sense of 'being worked instead of working', and are further disheartened by the knowledge that our work is not aligned with the regenerative culture which the world so desperately needs at this time. 

As a coach (and as an educator and practitioner), I help people to re-imagine, re-invent, and re-invigorate their relationship to work; in other words, to build regenerative livelihoods for themselves — ways of living and working which are aligned with personal, social, and environmental well-being, while also meeting material & financial needs.

I do this through a considered, integrative coaching practice — bridging contemplation & reflection, with intentional design & transformative action. This is a fundamentally co-creative dynamic — I work collaboratively with my clients, as partners and equals in a generative process. Where possible, I also seek to cultivate connections and opportunities for people through my networks; indeed, in working with me, clients become a part of those networks!

Take a look at the packages I offer, below, or do get in touch with any general inquiries you might have!

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Crafting a Regenerative livelihood

Coaching to help you discover, design, and build a regenerative livelihood for yourself.


Whether it's finding a new sense of purpose and direction, or realising your vision and moving forward with ideas, this bespoke package of sessions strives to integrate inspiration with tangible action and progress — all in service of personal, social, and environmental well-being.

6 x 1hr sessions

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In the 21st century, we are surrounded by the distraction of noise, and by the superficiality of consumerism.


Delivered in person, in selected settings of natural beauty, these sessions create the attentional space for contemplation and connection, helping you to cultivate inner stillness, silence, and depth — qualities which are the essential ground for considered and skilful outer action, in life and in the world.


Single 1hr session

3 x 1 hr sessions

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Develop a 
personal brand

I use the term 'personal brand' with some reservations; it carries a lot of questions for me personally, but I'm currently unsure of how else best to describe this at the moment.

Essentially, it's a full-service design process, delivered in collaboration with a team of wholesome professional creatives.


Together, we will help you to define your professional offering, and to develop a 'personal brand', website, and marketing strategy - all with integrity and authenticity about your work at their core.

Full package


The above sums are reflective of the value I believe I offer, and of what I feel I need in order to make this work economically viable for me.


With that said, if you'd really like to work with me, but the cost is genuinely beyond what you can sensibly afford, I'm always willing to explore other arrangements & possibilities with people — so do just get in touch if that's the case!

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The value I Bring

In 2019, I escaped a nine-to-five office job in London and spent a number of years visiting and working collaboratively with a range of regenerative communities, organisations, and projects across the UK and Europe. Through this experience  and through a Masters I recently completed at Schumacher College in Ecological Design Thinking  I've cultivated a growing network of leading practitioners in the field of regenerative culture, whom I am fortunate enough to continue to be able to draw on, and potentially create connections and opportunities with, in my coaching work.

I bring a unique knowledge-base and skill-set which not only spans multiple disciplines, but also bridges academic rigour with lived experience and progressive methodologies & practices. My training in the design and facilitation of learning experiences across different contexts — particularly in the sphere of regenerative leaning, work, philosophy, and culture — means that I am well-practiced in supporting people in navigating personal and professional development.


"Kind, empathetic, and a really good listener... You really helped me get back to what my core values are." 

Angharad  (Former colleague from the Civil Service)