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Hi - I'm Will. 

Having recently graduated with a Masters in 'Ecological Design Thinking', I'm on a journey to explore and experiment with new ways of working — through creative collaboration — in service of personal, social & environmental regeneration.


Personally, academically, and professionally, my interests have always been broad, spanning:

- Education, culture & the arts.
- Philosophy, psychology & personal development.

- Landscapes, vernacular architectural heritage, and traditional crafts.

- Regenerative farming & food systems.  

- Intentional community, and networks of learning & practice.


In particular, I'm currently interested in how social innovation & enterprise across these areas (drawing on design & systems thinking, and co-creative / collaborative cultures) can regenerate landscapes, ecosystems, and communities, and foster localised, circular economies at bioregional scales.

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2020 - 2021

Schumacher College

MA - Ecological Design Thinking (Distinction)

Ecological Design Thinking is an interdisciplinary approach to understanding how we can align our activity — and the systems, structures, and technologies which support it — with the regeneration and health of nature, through design thinking.


In my work for this degree, I sought to bring literary and philosophical perspectives to bear on questions of what it means to learn and to work, in the context of regenerative culture. In particular, I was interested in the value and importance of 'letting-go', and of inhabiting states of 'not-knowing', in order for genuinely transformative learning and work to take place. 


University of Oxford

BA - English Language & Literature (2.1)

My undergraduate studies gave me strong foundations in understanding the history of English literature — and of intellectual culture more broadly — since Chaucer. During my time at Oxford, I honed my sensitivity to the ways in which language and narrative are used to shape meaning, and deepened my aptitude for dialogue and critical thinking.

Training & CPD


Wise Goose Coaching

Advanced Diploma in Coaching

Accredited by the Association for Coaching, this qualification enabled me to establish my coaching practice, and is helping me to further hone my capacity as a facilitator of change for both groups and individuals.


The Philosophy

Level 1 Training - Facilitation of Philosophical Enquiry

Building on my own deep interest in Philosophy and philosophical literature, and my experience running a student Philosophy discussion group while at Oxford, this training gave me the skills to facilitate philosophical dialogue amongst groups of both children and adults.


12P Permaculture Design

Permaculture Teacher Training (TPT Course)

This course allowed me to consolidate my teaching & facilitation skills in the context of Permaculture, as well as in the design and delivery of educational courses more generally.




Terra Alta

Course Designer & Facilitator

Terra Alta is a Permaculture education centre near Lisbon, Portugal. During my time there, I was a facilitator on five intensive, 2-week PDC courses (each with 20-25 students). I designed and delivered a workshop on bio-regionalism, as well as teaching groups about forest gardens, soil improvement, and composting methods.


Global Ecovillage

Conference Coordinator

As part of a team of young volunteers from across Europe, I helped coordinate the communications, logistics, and speaker & delegate liaison for the annual GEN Europe conference – attended by over 600 people, and hosted by the Bagnaia Community near Siena, Tuscany.


The Landmark Trust

Marketing, Communications & Membership

During my time at the Landmark Trust, I had responsibilities across editorial strategy and content production, as well as digital marketing, and updating and maintaining the Trust's website. I also managed the Young Landmarkers membership scheme, being responsible for its administration, development, and events programming.


The Institute of Art & Ideas

Research & Events Production

At IAI, I carried out research into the arts, culture, and philosophy, and helped ideate and produce events in these fields.

Vanessa Shaw

Head of Marketing & Communications
at the Landmark Trust

Will brought depth and creativity to content generation, particularly through his erudite prose in our regular blogs and his proactive influencer strategy… We’ve missed Will’s considered and innovative approach.

Emeritus Fellow in English
at St Edmund Hall, Oxford

A resourceful, highly intelligent student, capable of excellent work, quick thinking, and flexibility.

Head of Communications & Marketing
at the Rutland Group

An invaluable asset, able to turn his hand to any task required, quickly, efficiently, and with a level of competency that instilled confidence in those around him.

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Lucy Newlyn

Nancy Edwards

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