Hi, I'm Will.

I'm a facilitator, creative, and coach, working to foster regenerative cultures & livelihoods.

In particular, I'm interested in contemplation, creativity, and collaboration — and how these can transform our ways of being in the world.


What does my work involve?

I help people & organisations to:


  • Explore ways of aligning their work with personal, social, and environmental regeneration.

  • Draw inspiration & insights from nature, art, and philosophy - and refine concepts & communications.

  • Cultivate relationships, networks, and communities through creative collaboration and projects.


What I offer.

Cultural facilitation

In my cultural facilitation work, I help organisations and communities to foster regenerative cultures through creative collaboration. I do this by organising and facilitating:

  • Reflective group dialogues and inquiries.

  • Partnerships, networks, and communities of learning & practice.

  • Courses, workshops, and events (see below).

Courses, workshops & events.

Both independently, and in collaboration with a growing network of regenerative practitioners, collectives, and organisations, I curate and organise courses, workshops, and events exploring:

  • Regenerative learning and livelihoods.

  • Art, Philosophy, Literature, and Landscapes.

  • Co-creative / collaborative cultures.

Concept & Communications Consultancy

Working collaboratively with freelance creatives and organisations, I act as a thinking partner - and also as a writer & editor - helping people to:

  • Navigate their conceptual landscape.

  • Refine and develop their ideas about what it is they do - and how and why they do it.

  • Communicate their ideas clearly and persuasively. 

Personal coaching & mentoring.

Through shaping and holding transformative conversations, I help people to gain perspective & insight, and to think and act in new and different ways. While every client and context is unique, I tend to work with people around:

  • Meaning, integrity & personal growth.

  • Regenerative learning & livelihoods.